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STOCK Decrypted DJI Fly.ipa download page!!

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NOTE: I only speak/read/write English so please send msg in English thanks :)

NOTE: You must ONLY use a computer/pc to do the purchase/buy!!!! more info below!!

STOCK Decrypted DJI Fly.ipa are ONLY STOCK app WITH Apple "protection" removed so ipa/app can be hacked,cracked,mod,tweak,etc NO other MODS have been done!! DON'T buy this unless you plan on modifying it!

Terms and condition agreement!
  • You will HAVE to download ipa/app onto a pc/computer! So only do the buy when using a computer/pc!
  • You don't need this app unless you want to hacked,cracked,mod,tweak,etc So if you don't know what you are doing then DON'T BUY this app!!
  • The ipa will need to be "rebuilt" AFTER you are done hacked,cracked,mod,tweak,etc So the ipa may not work in till its "rebuilt"!
  • There is NOT ANY type of tech/help/installing,etc support!
  • Yes it can be installed on more then one iphone and/or ipad! That is why there is NOT ANY type of tech/help/installing,etc support!
  • Check file size AFTER app is done downloading (it is listed below next to each file) click here to see how to check file size. Do this BEFORE you close/exit download link web page! IF file size is not right re-download it with download link keep in mind download link WIll expire/stop working!
  • NO refunds! all sales are final! reason cause you would have the app already and we can't take it away from you :)
  • No free upgrades if there is a newer version out you will have to re-purchase it!
  • AFTER payment is completed you will be take to a page that will have a link to download ipa/app right away BUT the link will expire/stop working! YOU have to download it onto a pc/computer! So ONLY do the purchase using a pc/computer!!
  • Sorry we will NOT re-send a download link! So if you loose the app or delete it by mistake you will have to re-purchase it!
  • STOCK decryted app WILL expire/stop working in 7 days (apples way) when installing using Cydia Impactor program! just delete app and re-install!
  • STOCK decryted DJI Fly is ONLY for Mavic mini!

We will only post the version we have available to download (this will be updated over time so do not send tickets asking when! So keep checking back for newer versions!)

File size is listed next to each file!

Check the box above that YOU agree and have read the above terms and condition agreement!

File-IOS/APPLE ONLY!!!         ---$11.50 USD PER FILE---
File size