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NOTE: You must ONLY use a computer/pc to do the purchase/buy!!!! more info below!!

iOS/APPLE MOD+REMOVED NFZ DJI GO 4.ipa download page!

The "MOD+NFZ DJI GO 4 APP" has the following functions:

1.Install side by side with another DJI GO 4 version! (yes even next to a version that is download from the app store)
2.Enables FCC on all devices (Force FCC / Country Code US for non-us countries only!)
3.Enables 5.8G on supported devices (Country Code US for non-us countries only!)
4.Enables 32ch mode (on lightbridge DJI drone models only)
5.Enables BOOST (about 1.5 watts output on some OccuSync DJI drone models only)
6.Disables Firmware checking (on all models)
7.Forces frequency to 2.3G or 2.5G (on some OccuSync DJI drone models only)
8.Icon has red writing with the word mod in it! (different the stock icon)
9.Can install next to other modded ones! (even next to our other mod versions too)
10.Removal of NFZ and Override 500FT height limitation ( other mods will still work if these mods are not enabled, The other mods don't need any files,hacks,mods,etc to work!)!
11.NO other file/tweaks/etc are need for mods to work! ( unless you want NFZ removal mod and Override 500FT height limitation mod in mod app to work you will also need drone firmware mods too!) other mods in mod app will work with stock firmware!
12.Mod app will work with all stock iOS no jail breaking need!
13.Mod app will work with all firmware versions!

Install and fly!!

for more info please read the Knowledgebase we try to keep it updated as best we can click here to read that

NOTE: ALL versions below have Override 500FT height limitation mod AND NFZ removed from mod app!!

Must read notes BEFORE purchasing/buying:
  • A ONE time cost/fee ONLY per version and thats it!! NO yearly,monthly,etc cost/fee!!
  • You HAVE to download Mod app onto a pc/computer then use Cydia Impactor program to install mod app onto the iphone and/or ipad Click here to go to that web page to download the Cydia Impactor program for free!
  • Mod app WILL expire/stop working in 7 days (apples way) when installing using Cydia Impactor program! just delete app and re-install! OR Stop 7 day expire by jailbreaking it for FREE for more info Click here
  • AFTER payment is completed you will be take to a page that will have a link to download Mod app right away BUT the link will expire/stop working! YOU have to download it onto a pc/computer! So ONLY do the purchase using a pc/computer!!
  • Check file size AFTER mod app is done downloading even when it saids download completed check file size!!(it is listed with each version) click here to see how to check file size. Do this BEFORE you close/exit download link web page! IF file size is not right re-download it with download link keep in mind download link WIll expire/stop working!
  • There is NOT ANY type of tech/help/installing,etc support but here are some EASY ways to install how to/help videos (click here) and (click here) to watch a video on how to turn on/enable FCC mode!
  • From time to time Cydia impactor installer program may not be working! Click here to see if its working. if its not then Click here to read what options you have to install!
  • Yes it can be installed on more then one iphone and/or ipad! That is why there is NOT ANY type of tech/help/installing,etc support!
  • You MUST agree and read all the terms and condition agreement! click here to read all of the terms and condition agreement
Check here that YOU agree and have read the (click/tap here to read them) terms and condition agreement!

SALE $16.50 USD PER file
Versions listed are per users requests:
Mod+NFZ DJI GO 4 v4.1.15.ipa works best with DJI Spark NOT for mavic pro 2 or zoom!
File size=338,074,429 bytes
Mod+NFZ DJI GO 4 v4.2.4.ipa works best with Mavic air NOT for mavic pro 2 or zoom!
File size=460,667,454 bytes
Mod+NFZ DJI GO 4 v4.3.10.ipa works best with OccuSync DJI drone models i.e Mavic pro 1,Mavic pro 2 and zoom,etc!
Use this version to turn on/enable Boost with freqs mods on ALL DJI GO 4 and DJI pilot versions click here for more information!! You will never need a newer modded app again!
File size=594,907,266 bytes
Newest Mod+NFZ DJO GO 4.4.3.xx is no longer available!!
This is not need any more! click here for more information!!               no longer available
File size=0 bytes

NOTE: No PayPal account is required to pay by card!