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Here are the Terms and Condition agreement for Mod+NFZ DJI GO 4.ipa DOWNLOADS web page! You must read all sections of information its just to much to list on download web page! click here to read them and please read everything BEFORE BUYING! 


 You must ONLY use a computer/pc to do the purchase/buy!!!


1). Sorry there is NOT ANY type of tech/installing/help,etc support! if you get any errors when trying to install it when using cydia impactor program YOU will have to look on google for the solution/fix! We will NOT answer ANY questions about that! The mod app is provided as-is, with no warranty, express or implied. No guarantees are made!

2). Sorry ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND ARE NON-REFUNDABLE/NO REFUNDS!! NO EXCEPTIONS.!!! reason is because we can't take the mod app away from you cause you already have it and copies can be made too :) So if you have any questions send a General ticket BEFORE buying!!!

3). To enable/turn on NFZ removal and override 500FT height limitation mod in app you will ALSO need firmware mods too! it should work with ANY firmware mod! but of course we can NOT guarantee that (other mods in app will work fine without this)! because not ALL firmware mods out there work 100 percent! NOTE: versions that also have Override 500FT height limitation will be listed on the web page!!!

4). Because of the mods is NOT responsible for lost drones, etc so PLEASE watch your battery levels when flying! its easy to fly further out then before and not pay attention to battery levels!

5). The download link WILL expire/stop working after a set time. That time will be listed after you do a purchase/buy! So ONLY do your purchase/buy using a computer/pc cause you will need to download it to that FIRST then you will use cydia impactor program to install it onto your iPhone and/or ipad!

6). Sorry we will NOT re-send a download link! So if you loose the mod app or delete it by mistake you will have to re-purchase it! So save it in a safe place :)

7). YOU MUST Check file size AFTER mod app is done downloading even when it saids " download completed" (it is listed on web site) but BEFORE you close/exit download link web page! IF file size is not right re-download it with download link keep in mind download link Will expire/stop working! Click here on how to check file size.

8). Sorry there are NO free upgrades to other Mod+NFZ DJI GO 4 version! if you want another version you will have to purchase/buy it!

9). We try our very best to explain and keep information up to date. if you don't understand something send a general ticket FIRST before buying!

10). The free way of using Cydia impactor program to install mod app may NOT be working! To check to see if it is and to find out what other ways you have to install mod app click here

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