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How to install iOS/Apple apps! How to install iOS/Apple apps!

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Sorry we don't offer any installing help/support/etc but here are 4 options you can choose from (you ONLY need to choose ONE out of the 4 options) to install iOS/Apple apps! and we also do have some help installing videos click here for the playlist!

1). jailbreak your device ( This is a free way but its more harder and depending on your iOS version you may not beable to) Look online for more information BUT here is one link to get you started. = How to jailbreak your iphone or ipad!

2). Easy way is to Pay a signing service to sign the Mod app so it can be installed. Then buy Online Code Signing so no computer is need! To do this get the Platinum package more information here:

3). if you have a MAC/apple computer then buy the gold package because of Full Revoke Protection and you also get Certificate & Provisioning files too so YOU can sign the mod app! More information here:

information on how to sign when you have a Mac/Apple computer and Certificate & Provisioning files from above link!

4). if you have a MAC/apple computer then buy an Apple Developer then get the Certificate & Provisioning files then use iOS App Signer program! more information here:

look online for more information BUT here are a few links to get you started: = Apple developer account = iOS App Signer program

information on how to get your Certificate & Provisioning files from your Apple Developer: