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Mod trick(s)!! Mod trick(s)!!

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NOTE: I only speak/read/write English so please send msg in English thanks :)

Here is something interesting I found smile face

How to get boost mod to work on all Stock iOS/Apple DJI GO 4 versions up to 4.3.32 and stock firmware as of 1/30/2020! (other mods i.e 2.3 or 2.5 freqs MAY also work with this trick that is still under testing!!)

This "mod trick" SHOULD work with DJI GO 3 and DJI pilot apps Read notes below!


NOTE: This should work on all stock (it may work on modify ones too) firmware versions (For boost and freqs mods to work you Don't need a certain/specific firmware version when using Mod DJI GO 4 apps) using some OccuSync DJI drone models but of course this is still under testing!

Boost and freqs mods is only for some OccuSync DJI drone (Mavic pro,etc) NOT for Wifi (mavic mini,etc) models!!! if you don't know what yours is look on DJI web site!!

Step 1). Download Stock DJI GO 4 from app store!
  • Install stock DJI GO 4 and do all the sign in, ok setting, etc

Step 2). Download Mod DJI GO 4 4.3.10 ( NOTE: You need a Mod DJI GO 4 4.3.10 version that will let you install next to stock version for this to work!!) Click here to see a picture of that! if you want to purchase/buy a Mod DJI GO 4 4.3.10 version for this Click here
  • install Mod DJI GO 4 4.3.10 and do all the sign in, ok setting, etc

Step 3). Start the Mod DJI GO 4.3.10 version! Select boost mode DO NOT take OFF wait intill you see a video/picture from the Drone camera THEN EXIT (not minimize) The mod app!
  • DO NOT turn off remote controller OR drone before doing step 4!!

Step 4). NOW start STOCK DJI GO 4 app and do a flight distance test you should see a difference :)

NOTE: if you want to compare the above with flight distance test with stock DJI GO 4 app you need to turn the remote controller OFF (to reset it) and back on!! THEN start STOCK DJI GO 4 app THEN do flight distance test!

How to install Mod DJI GO 4 4.3.10 Click here
Why does this work??? Because the boost mod in mod DJI GO 4 app is enabling it THRU the remote controller! As long as you don't turn off the remote controller or the drone it will stay enable!

What does this mean? Well, of course the remote firmware has the "code" for boost, etc which makes sense otherwise this "trick" wouldn't work! So it SHOULD work with all stock DJI GO 4, DJI GO 3, DJI pilot!! So you won't need the "newest" MOD DJI GO 4,MOD DJI GO 3,MOD DJI pilot version any more :)

Will this trick work with a Stock DJI FLY app? NO DJI FLY app is for wifi only DJI drone!!Boost mod is for some OccuSync DJI drone models!! what about stock pilot app for mavic enterprise? technically it SHOULD once you follow the above steps then step 4 you would start Stock pilot app instead of stock DJI GO 4 app same with DJI GO 3! This "theory" needs to be tested!

This "trick" has been confirm by using a ImmersionRC RF Power Meter v2 using a mavic pro 1 (Click here for that video) and "testing" is still being done so of course test carefully :)

ImmersionRC RF Power Meter v2 HAS to be calibrated FIRST before you can use it!! You can NOT get the right reading right out of the box!! You need to have a "reference" source to calibrate it! For more info and video Click here

To do precise measurement using ImmersionRC RF Power Meter v2 it NEEDS a external attenuator (otherwise you will damage the RF power meter) AND a direct connection to antenna (antenna will need to be replaced with a connecter) on remote controller to measure BOOST power (about 1.5 watts) !! AND it needs to be hooked up to the LEFT antenna side on the remote controller!! so when you are holding (like you are going to fly it) the remote controller it would be the left hand side antenna (mavic pro model) remember to calibrate the ImmersionRC RF Power Meter v2 with external attenuator,cables,adapters,etc in place!!!

To see a picture on how this is hooked up Click here

What about No fly zone removal and Override 500FT height limitation mods in app? for it to fully work right you would still need firmware mods too but as for the removal of NFZ and Override 500FT height limitation mods in app it will NOT work in app because in step 4 you are running a STOCK app! however there are fixes for that more on that later :)

Can DJI stop this "trick"? YES then can with a firmware "updated" of course they won't say the "updated" is for this :) so DON'T update :) OR in newer DJI App versions they could send a command to "reset" remote controller when app starts!

Again ALL of this is STILL under testing!!! So more tests have to be done yet!!

Do not send tickets asking for more info. I will post more when i find out more and when i have time too :)